Jack Rahaim Consulting. - Established 1993

What We Do 'With' Our Clients:

A shared vision that you won't need a wallet card to remember

Imagine If You And Your Team Created And Committed To An Actionable Vision

sustainable, integrated, competitive strategies

Not Goals, Objectives or Tactics - Which Is Probably What You Have Now! Go Ahead, Take Another Look At Your Plans.

Implementation Plans

Without Plans, You Get 'Innovation Theatre': It Looks Just Like Innovation But Nothing Really Happens In The Real World!

The only failure is in not trying. What has your organization done in the last few months to prepare for life after COVID? During/after the next crisis?

Process Design/Redesign

Forget throwing more money at the problems that have plagued you for years...fix the root causes: Your Processes

Leadership Training & Coaching

Yes, Leadership Can Be Taught...Oh, And It Must Be Taught. I've Been Teaching Leadership To My Clients For Years And I Teach A Graduate Level Course In It At NYU.

Culture Analysis And Consulting

Your Culture Will Stomp Your Strategy To Death...You Can't Fix What You Don't Understand And Won't Talk About.

pandemic upended your business?

What's your plan moving forward
in our 'new reality' As We Enter a reconfigured, Post-pandemic world?


When Mission-Critical Action is Required
and you're tired of 'The Consulting Suits' creating large invoices and
leather bound documents that go nowhere

When your organization is about
to be 'Amazoned' and you can't see it coming
or don't know how to create a sustainable strategy to deal with it

Is Jack an academic who's been consulting for over 30 years, or a consultant who has been teaching graduate students at NYU for over 6 years how to become leaders and how to think strategically?



I’ve worked with Jack many times over the last 20+ years in two different organizations. No matter the type of engagement, he’s always been able to bring organization, knowledge, insights, strategic thinking and results for the teams he’s work with.

Brett Brodnax, President and CEO, United Surgical Partners International 

Jack’s knowledge, experience, insight and capabilities have been real assets to our process improvement work at Lexmark.

Donna Covington, Director of Corporate Reengineering, Lexmark International



Since 1993, Jack has proven effective in a variety of settings and situations from multiple Strategic Planning Board Retreats to redesigning our processes.

​Joel Allison, Former CEO, Baylor Scott & White

Jack has done and continues to do an exceptional job for us. Over the past 5 years he has helped us with efforts ranging from Strategic Planning to Executive Coaching; he is direct, appropriate and highly effective. Simply put, he gets the job done.

Godwin Dixon, CEO and President, Presbyterian Communities & Services, Dallas, TX


I wholeheartedly recommend Jack Rahaim to facilitate your journey: he encourages, cajoles and insists upon honest and thorough exchanges.

My recommendation of Jack results in my experience with him across four major institutions over more than twenty years. You will be better; your organization will be better.

David Krause, President & CEO of the Parkland Foundation

I would unreservedly recommend Jack Rahaim Consulting to any organization, particularly in the healthcare field.

David Fortune, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Riverside Healthcare, Kankakee, IL

Investing time to think through problems and to focus on the “work that needs to be done” is one of the best things a coalition can do. Without Jack Rahaim’s involvement in the Adult Literacy and Life Skills Task Force, we might still be disputing that we even had a literacy problem in our community, instead of developing the breakthrough strategies we were able to create. To the man or woman, members of the ALLS Task Force cite Jack’s unique brand of facilitation as the critical element of the success of our planning efforts.

Jennifer Coleman, President ,Dallas Adult Literacy

Jack Rahaim has the unique ability of meeting staff at their present reality and helping them envision a future that they can create together. He does this with an extraordinary level of care and in a manner that is both dead-on accurate and non-judgmental.

John Mancuso, Former CEO of the  Pius XII Agency

Jack’s ability to highlight potential areas of conflict and bring them to the whole group for resolution is uncanny.

Frank Tiedemann, Former President & CEO, Children’s Hospital, Oakland, CA

Jack Rahaim was instrumental in helping us plan for a plant closing. This, as you can imagine, was an emotional time for me and my staff. Jack’s approach was empathetic, engaged everyone in the room and helped us surface the skills and talents we had amongst us to help us manage this transition.

Peter Cullen, Plant Manager, Procter and Gamble, Retired

Jack works with humor and courage; I’ve worked with him in two different organizations and the results are always the same: results! 

 Peter Margolis, MD, PhD Co-Director, James M. Anderson Center for Health Systems Excellence at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center and formerly with the UNC School of Medicine

Jack Rahaim has the unique ability to meet staff in their present reality and to help them envision a future they can create together. He does this with an extraordinary level of care and in a manner that is both dead-on accurate and non-judgmental. 

John Mancuso, CEO, Comprehensive Development Incorporated, New York, NY

Jack’s approach is effective, gets the job done and does not waste our time or money.

Bill Provenzano, CEO, Ohio Valley General Hospital , McKees Rocks, PA

Jack Rahaim Consulting and the results we received are unparalleled.

Farideh Walter, Former CEO, Midwestern Regional Medical Center , Zion , IL

Jack, I want to thank you for the excellent progress we are making in business process redesign. Your facilitation has energized the administration and the hundreds of participants. 

Frank Tiedemann, CEO, Former CEO of St. Mary’s Health System

He prepared the right people to take over the processes from his team and then passed the baton. The bottom line…Jack was the right man, at the right place, at the right time.

John Anderson, MD – Referring to our early work at the Baylor Health Care System in Dallas


Paying it Forward: In addition to my consulting work, I also have developed and teach a master’s level course in Leadership at NYU and have developed and am teaching an undergraduate course in Leadership and Strategy at The New School. Recently I’ve begun working with the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office Educating Inmates (And The People Who Educate Them).